Another Woman Is Alleging That Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In Beverly Hills

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Furthermore, Harvey can't speak to anonymous allegations but denies all of them outright, and any relationships he's had have been consensual.

TWC is also being sued by actress Dominique Huett who claims she was assaulted by Weinstein and the firm was negligent for knowing about his alleged offending.

An actress filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in which she alleges that Harvey Weinstein raped her at the Montage Hotel in California a year ago. She says she told the producer that she was an actress, and claims that Weinstein "offered to assist her" with her career, so she gave him her number.

Doe's story is all too familiar: she went to a meeting with Weinstein at the Montage hotel to talk about a role in the Netflix show Marco Polo, but rather than business, she says he grabbed her by the wrists with one hand and masturbated to completion with the other. "At some point, he said he wanted to masturbate in front of her", writes Allred. The actress says she told Weinstein that "she did not want to do anything sexual with him".

Once there, Weinsein allegedly left the room and came back in a bathrobe - a detail that multiple accusers have claimed. He allegedly ignored her and "forcefully threw her" on the bed, pulled down her jeans and "started to orally copulate her". She says she pushed his head off and ordered him to stop.

The woman says she never received a job offer for Marco Polo - which was canceled after two seasons - or for any other Weinstein-related project. She allegedly "swore at him and hung up the phone".

Weinstein reportedly contacted the woman in 2016, giving her the impression she had landed the role in Marco Polo. Police in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and London have said they are investigating allegations of sexual assault or rape by Weinstein.

The New York Police Department is now gathering evidence against Weinstein after detectives interviewed actress Paz de la Huerta, who claims Weinstein raped her twice in 2010.

A spokesperson for Weinstein denied any allegation of non-consensual sexual encounters, as he has with the dozens of women who in recent weeks have brought their own allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the now disgraced Oscar-winning producer.

He is now under investigation by NYPD, LAPD, Scotland Yard and the Beverly Hills police.