Amazon's Spotify and Apple Music competitor is insanely cheap right now

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The Amazon Music app has been around for years and has supported connecting to a number of external devices for music playback.

To make things worse, Google launched Chrome-based notebooks with Google Assistant support and smart Android TVs with similar settings for users to trigger the voice command feature.

I would personally buy one of the Google speakers from John Lewis as they have a good reputation for warranties.

Amazon is gearing up to aggressively pursue the Black Friday deals starting by slashing access to three months of its Music Unlimited service to 99p. Some users who updated still aren't seeing the feature, though, myself included. As they said, it doesn't just look different, but it also has "new smarts" with this latest update.

Amazon and Google's relationship over the past few years has been nothing short of an epic love-war popcorn-worthy chess battle. Maybe hell will freeze over when Google Home adds native support for Amazon Music as a music provider... or when the Echo lets you choose Play Music as a default provider. Amazon has also added Alexa right within the app, so you can now tap the Alexa button and ask the AI assistant to find music by a particular artist, music in an album or a playlist, or play music by lyrics. Before the announcement of the forthcoming Echo Spot, the Echo Show was Amazon's only Echo device with a display, allowing it to play YouTube videos and other video content. Google claimed YouTube on the Echo Show violates its "terms of service" and created a "broken user experience". Despite devices from Google, Amazon and more providing access to third party... Although it arrived without Google Cast support, hopefully that's only a matter of time now.