Overwatch is Getting Xbox One X Enhancements

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The Xbox One X is out in the wild and to those of you with data caps, godspeed. Considering what happened in ps4 case, it remains unclear whether Overwatch on Xbox One X is to be in 1080P and the 4k upgrade is only for the user interfaces and menus.

Blizzard recently confirmed that Overwatch would be receiving several enhancements on the Xbox One X, one of which will be 4K content. "The team is now exploring how the game experience can be enhanced on this platform to leverage the console's incredible hardware, and is working on implementing 4K resolution in the game on Xbox One X".

Blizzard Entertainment is apparently taking advantage of the Xbox One X's increased processing power to add some Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements, which will help to get the game into a better 4K resolution. While some Xbox One X updates have been fairly reasonable, the updates for other games have been massive, with Quantum Break's file size rising to 178GB, for example.

Judging from Blizzard's response, 4K enhancements seem like a guarantee, but when it'll be implemented and other specifics on the enhancements remain to be seen.

While Blizzard's popular hero shooter absolutely dominates the PC gaming world compared to consoles, there is still a significant amount of people playing Overwatch on Xbox One.

With the release of the new Xbox console, the Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements aren't going to be the only ones coming to a game.

Blizzard did update Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on Xbox One X with full 4K support, though.

You might recall that there'sa PlayStation 4 Pro update for Overwatch but maybe not the particulars.