Nike Midnight Fog Apple Watch 3 launched to match new Air VaporMax

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This isn't the first collaboration between Apple and Nike that yielded matching pairs of Apple Watches and shoes.

Nike announced today that it's releasing a limited edition Midnight Fog Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE that's created to match its upcoming Air VaporMax running shoes. Back in May, they announced a "Day to Night" collection with colors of Air VaporMax shoes and Apple Watch bands that were supposed to represent the color of the skies at different times of the day.

Nike says: "The latest look ... serves up a stealthy color scheme - deep greys with iridescent accents - ideal for winter workouts".

In terms of pricing and availability, it doesn't seem like there is a premium on the fact that it is a limited edition watch.

It doesn't look like there are plans to sell the Watch Band separately yet, so if you want a band that's "deep greys with iridescent accents" without buying a whole new Apple Watch, thankfully, there's a cheaper solution. The Midnight Fog Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE is the second wearable device that's released by Nike as part of a special line of Apple Watch products. The Midnight Fog edition will be available at Nike retail stores and on its website starting on November 14. This will see the Apple Watch offered in a new Midnight Fog band color that will match Nike's upcoming Air Vapormax running shoes.