Eight Police Soldiers Killed In Farah Taliban Attack

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The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. The officers were still in their beds when they were killed.

One security official were injured.

A series of Taliban attacks over six hours on more than a dozen Afghan checkpoints killed 22 police and wounded 15 in the southern province of Kandahar, police said on Tuesday. He's now been questioned, as officials suspect a Taliban mole could have helped plan the ambush.

According to Durani Taliban failed to gain control of the check posts and retreated.

Mr. Mehri said the night-vision goggles found in Farah appeared to be Russian-made. Newly released photos of the special operators show them wearing new uniforms and chest rigs, and next to a captured Afghan Army HUMVEE.

Twenty two policemen also lost their lives in the clash, officials confirmed.

At least eight policemen were killed following a shooting at a security checkpoint in Afghanistan's western province of Farah on Monday, local TV channel Ariana News reported. No coalition forces were killed after the attack, the Military Times reported.

The Taliban attacks have not only increased lately, but they are even beginning to employ new tactics.