8% of Australians are watching Netflix in a public toilet

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That's just one statistic from Netflix survey data which shows we're watching Netflix out of home in big numbers. We're talking on the train, in the air - and on the toilet.

There's no wifi access and, well, it's a public bathroom?!

Among the shocking result, it was also found that Aussies are consuming Netflix in public more than ever with fifty-nine percent watching the popular streaming service on the go. This has lead to what is being coined "show shame" (for real) - which is apparently the feeling that one in five of us feel when someone sees we are watching that new Baywatch remake with The Rock and Zac Efron at the gym.

And it's not just for those alone moments too - you might be in the back of a auto with someone and they're watching Netflix because 45% of those watching in the back seat of a vehicle have caught someone looking over their shoulder too.

This may look pretty simple, but what's a bit unusual is that 8% of Australian Netflix users have been watching their movies and shows in public bathrooms.

But "screen snooping" can have consequences with 11 percent of people saying they have had a show or movie spoiled by seeing someone else's screen. Serves you right, I suppose?

Most commonly, Aussies are using the service on public transport with 34 percent using Netflix on their daily commute, while 32 percent are using it in cafes and restaurants and eight percent are having a bit of a binge while in a public bathroom!

So there you go.

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