Sledgehammer apologises for Call of Duty: WWII server struggles

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If you can't connect to Call of Duty: WWII right now, and you're on the PlayStation 4, it's not you, but the game seems to be having connectivity issues as we speak. "Our objective to return to dedicated servers is our highest priority", said Sledgehammer Games in an update posted Sunday. This solved numerous problems, although introduced the complications typically associated with P2P.

Unfortunately this dedicated server problem isn't the only thing that's impacting the experience for Call of Duty WW2 players.

"It's been a whirlwind since launch". Players can still invite friends, which we encourage everyone to try.

"We also want to reinforce our commitment to PC fans", the post adds.

We're seeing a new Call of Duty, or rather a return to a more classic Call of Duty game and while things could change with updates, if you are hooked on this game, buy the Season Pass now. What we're not fans of is the latest connectivity issues that have been plaguing the game. They say "the game is stable", but are aiming to return to dedicated servers as their highest priority. We've begun to test dedicated servers today in the US.

With these connection issues, the developers will continue to create solo instances in the Headquarters social space. There's not yet an ETA on that fix. In an effort to address these issues head-on, developer Sledgehammer Games recently issued a statement explaining what its doing to rectify problems, saying its "working around the clock". We have the next PC Title Update ready to go, but we believe we need to work through the issues noted above first - many of which also affect PC players. Regardless, it's clear that Sledgehammer and the community have a long road ahead before Call of Duty: WW2's online multiplayer is in a playable state. While playing on the Xbox One Sunday evening we saw several disconnects that are typical of a P2P server environment when a host migration fails.

If you played Call of Duty WW2 over this weekend, you'll notice that a new update was pushed to the game.