Seahawks, Russell Wilson Face Scrutiny Over Concussion Protocol

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Wilson laid on the turf for several moments, before standing on his own and grabbing his mouth. A referee told him to go off the field, and he sat out just one play before returning. Anderson was doing his job; if he suspected Wilson might have suffered a concussion, it's his right to have the medical staff perform a concussion check. Now the National Football League will investigate the Seahawks to see if the team followed concussion protocol, according to ESPN's Kevin Seifert.

"I felt completely clear", Wilson said.

On the sidelines, he appeared to say "tore my Achilles, I am out for the year".

"There's no coming back from that until you get surgery". He made the smartest decision.

Having played their Week 10 game on Thursday night, Wilson and the Seahawks will have plenty of time to rest before returning to the field in Week 11 when they'll host the Falcons on Monday night. A hundred percent fine.

Per ESPN, the concussion protocol states, "a player believed to have concussion symptoms can not return to "practice or play" unless a team physician and an independent neurological consultant clear him". And then they finally went over through the whole concussion stuff and all that.

The NFL is now investigating that matter and if they determine that the protocol was skirted, the Seahawks would be subject to discipline from the league. We went through every question you can imagine.