More "Justice League" Cast Interviews

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Justice League is the latest from Smart Giga Movies which also rolled out other Hollywood blockbuster treats with Logan, Ghost in the Shell, Fast & Furious 8, Wonder Woman, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This is more likely since "Justice League's" villain is Steppenwolf, a proxy for Darkseid, meaning the directors and producers may be setting up the stage for the ultimate DC supervillain.

At the San Diego Comic-Con back in July, Affleck dismissed the speculation over his future, yet the rumours refuse to die, and just this past week he played coy when asked whether he could see himself reaching five appearances as the Caped Crusader (with this week's release of Justice League, he'll be up to three). Their interest was peaked when members of the former Shiny Entertainment suggested that they could re-use some assets from The Matrix: Path of Neo to form the foundation of that project.

The trailer does a little reimagining of the Justice League storyline. Unlike most DC fans, I have absolutely no problem with the more conflicted take on the character by actor Henry Cavill. For instance, The Flash could slow down time for Batman or Green Lantern could create a projectile shield for Wonder Woman.

This will give local audiences the chance to be among the first in the world to see the superhero film in the big screen. Early screenings for Justice League are now taking place and, thus far, early reactions to the much-anticipated film have been quite positive with the overall comment being that the film has an enjoyable, lighthearted tone.

No specific details for "Justice League 2" have been announced yet, but more may arise after "Justice League" premieres on November 16.

If it's any consolation - it probably won't be - it seems that numerous game's ideas were carried over to Double Helix's 2011 title, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.