EA's Response to Battlefront 2 Complaints Draws Reddit Backlash

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After unlocking them, you can play as those Hero characters in various online multiplayer modes.

Reddit has unsurprisingly fanned the flames and one particular thread which includes a response from EA has now become the most downvoted comment of all time on Reddit.

You can obtain Crafting Parts or Star Cards through Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crates, and as you can see in the screen just below, we were lucky enough to obtain a Star Card for Boba Fett in this specific Loot Crate.

It's great to have a no-charge way to pick up extra characters in a game that already costs $60, but when actually doing so is such a comparatively daunting task, it's understandable that some gamers would feel like it's little more than the appearance of offering the characters for free that EA is going for. However, Star Wars: Battlefront II is being blasted by the community since the weekend for its blatant pay-to-win model and this is exactly what has been toned down from the review copies.

Apologies for not being more active these past weeks leading up to launch - as you know things get really hectic and you tend to spend whatever spare freetime you have recovering. "There is no freaking pride or sense of accomplishment in this". The heroes, similar to the locked weapons for Troopers, are sidegrades instead of upgrades (Darth Vader should be on similar power level as Darth Maul, etc). You don't have to buy them - they're earned through playing the game.

"We selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch", the post continues.

While purchasing crystals and crates won't unlock the heroes themselves, doing so can allow players to accumulate credits at a faster rate. We will provide more details and updates as we can.

EA has big expectations for Battlefront II. Their response to the reddit thread "Seriously?"

As one of the most requested fan modes, galactic-scale space combat is also brought to life in Star Wars Battlefront II. The statement from EA has had a large impact and has earned the post over tens of thousands of downvotes, which is a record on Reddit. Even before the game has released however, the anger over Battlefront II and the way it is dealing with the ever controversial micro-transactions has eclipsed any outrage over the previous game.

It's unfortunate that players may need to grind continuously to unlock iconic characters from the Star Wars, which is a huge appeal in Battlefront 2 for hardcore fans.

"The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes", EA said in justification for the high price of unlocking heroes such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.