Nintendo to Increase Switch Production

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Demand for Nintendo Switch remains high, but supply shortages have proven to be a problem since launch. Combined with sales from its launch month in March, that will bring it to a total of almost 17 million units in its 13 months of availability. The above shows an overlay of sell-through figures together with Wii and Wii U data for the first years after release.

In a Q&A Summary of Nintendo's Financial Results Briefing for the second half of this fiscal year (October 2017-March 2018), Nintendo Representative Director Tatsumi Kimishima explains that Nintendo originally planned to produce 10 million Switch units this fiscal year (April 2017-March 2018). There's contingency plans if that aforementioned holiday madness ends up being a thing, but the ever crazier notion is that some experts suggest that one day, the Switch might end up beating the Wii's sales.

The anonymous sources also added that Nintendo has updated its games industry partners about these plans, presumably to entice third-party developers and publishers to bring more games to its console and ship more units of those games going forward.

PlayStation 4, meanwhile, would remain the market leader by a healthy margin. Nomura Securities analyst Junko Yamamura, the outlet says, predicts the console will sell "115.8 million units by March 2023". Nintendo sold just over 100 million Wiis over the console's lifetime.