Wenger on Christmas Eve game: I would prefer to be at home

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"We welcome this development in guaranteeing there will be no 4pm kick-offs on Christmas Eve", said the FSF's chief executive, Kevin Miles.

Perhaps the only positive was the promise of no late kick-offs on the day, which would not only be greeted by grumbles from the public and more than likely the players, but also the fans whose travel would become nigh-on impossible should games start late.

Arsene Wenger has suggested that Arsenal may have to "adapt" to playing on Christmas Eve.

"At the meeting, the subject of Christmas fixtures was discussed".

Sky Sports are considering moving Arsenal v Liverpool - plus potentially one other match - from Saturday December 23 to the following day.

The proposal was met by fierce criticism in light of the difficulties of travelling to and from London on Christmas Eve.

Sky had the chance to shift games to Christmas Eve in 2000 and 2006 but declined to do so, largely because back then it held exclusive rights to the English top-flight. Any game played on Christmas Eve is now expected to be scheduled for a 12pm or 2pm kickoff. Other fixtures have also been considered for a December 24 broadcast, including ManU's trip to Leicester City and Chelsea's game at Everton.

Under the current broadcasting arrangements, Sky can not move its pick to 23 December at 17.30 GMT, as that spot on Saturday afternoon is one of the reserved slots for BT Sport. I would prefer to be at home on Christmas night and celebrating.

Early discussions between the Premier League and its clubs have focussed around broadcasting more matches through the week and on Bank Holidays.

Should either of the matches go ahead and be played a day later, it would signal the first time a top flight fixture has bene played on Christmas Eve in 22 years.