Richardson toddler still missing as parents hire separate attorneys

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However, police say the father didn't report the child missing until five hours later. An arrest affidavit reveals Mathews ordered Sherin to stand next to a tree near their home in the Dallas suburb of Richardson about 3 a.m. Saturday because she refused to drink her milk.

Her mother, Sini Mathews' lawyer Kent Starr, spent nearly two hours inside their home before speaking briefly to reporters, stressing the fact that there were no charges against Sini.

Wesley and his wife Sini Mathews are natives of Kerala and had adopted Sherin from an orphanage in India. Police went door-to-door in the neighbourhood and used search dogs and helicopters to look for Sherin.

Police issued an Amber Alert Saturday afternoon but canceled it Monday after no significant leads turned up in the case.

Sherin, a child with special needs, was sent out of her home by her father Wesley Mathews at 3 am, as punishment for reportedly not drinking her milk.

Mathews told police that he put Sherin outside and told her to stand next to a large tree.

Mathews told police that he went back inside thinking that the girl would return home. Neither child had been in foster care before Sherin's disappearance.

"Why was the last sighting at 3 o'clock and the parents not call us until after 8 a.m".

"We've got a lot of folks that live in that neighborhood who have come forward to us offering up some of the videos they have", said Richardson Police Sgt. Evin Perlich. "As far as why she was out there, how long she was out there, that's the questions we have for the parents". The little girl's adoptive mother has not spoken out. He said the delay in reporting the matter "is certainly concerning to us". That may explain why she was punished at 3 a.m., he said. Mathews was arrested on charges of endangering a child but released after posting bail. She is 22 pounds and 3 feet tall. So it was not uncommon for m to wake up at night to want to eat something. They were doing feedings throughout the day and night. "The parents are believers in Christ". She does not know Sherin's whereabouts. "They take care of her very much", said Jose Cherian, the church elder. "All she wants is to have her biological daughter and Sherin back". "And you leave your baby?"

Police said Tuesday's search of the home a "natural progression of the investigation", WFAA reported.