President Trump lauds Pakistan's efforts in rescuing US-Canadian family

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has expressed his gratitude to his nation's allies for their help in rescuing a native family from the Taliban who held them hostage since 2012.

"Yesterday, the United States government, working in conjunction with the Government of Pakistan, secured the release of the Boyle-Coleman family from captivity in Pakistan", Trump said.

US officials expressed hope that the hostages' freedom could represent a turning point in relations between Pakistan and the United States, uneasy allies in fighting Taliban and other Islamist extremists in the region. "It was wonderful. He told us how much his children were looking forward meeting their grandparents", his mother, Linda Boyle, said.

The Toronto Star reported that Boyle spoke to his parents after his release and told them he'd been in the trunk of the kidnappers' vehicle with his wife and children when Pakistani forces rescued them.

"The success underscores the importance of timely intelligence sharing and Pakistan's continued commitment towards fighting this menace through co-operation between two forces against a common enemy", said a statement from the Pakistani military.

Boyle says the last thing he heard from his captors while the family was in the trunk of a auto during a firefight was "kill the hostages".

The Toronto Star reported that in a phone call to his parents after his release, Mr Boyle said the family had been in the boot of the kidnappers' auto when Pakistani forces rescued them.

The Haqqani network operates on both sides of the porous Afghan-Pakistani border but senior militants have acknowledged they moved a major base of operations to Kurram agency in the tribal areas.

The family was rescued on Thursday after Pakistani security forces ambushed their captors.

"It was a matter of interdicting vehicles", another USA official told Reuters, saying the United States never dictated to Pakistan how precisely to secure the hostages' release. "We stand ready to support them as they begin their healing journey", Freeland said.

She was pregnant at the time with her first child.

It was not clear when the video was shot, but it was released after rumours swirled in Kabul that the government was planning to execute Anas Haqqani, son of the Taliban-allied Haqqani network's founder, who has been held since 2014.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis meanwhile praised the release as a positive step in often rocky US-Pakistan ties.

Pakistan's military on Thursday recovered five foreign hostages captured from Afghanistan in 2012.