: New Trailer For Spike Lee's TV Adaptation

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All 10 episodes will be available on Thanksgiving (that's November 23). Launching on Netflix next month, the show re-energizes new life in to the 1986 film about Brooklynite, Nola Darling.

The trailer begins with the very same introduction of a young Spike Lee, selling tube socks on the streets of NY and advertising his "new joint", a comedy called She's Gotta Have It. "Nola is the modern black woman". If Nola Darling can get through this series without being punished for enjoying herself, I will consider it a guide to life.

Cleo Anthony plays the model, Greer Childs, Lyriq Bent plays the overprotective investment banker, Jamie Overstreet, and Anthony Ramos plays the sneakerhead, Mars Blackmon. The 10-part series returns to director Spike Lee's roots just over 30 years after his black-and-white drama of the same name premiered in theaters. It wastes no time establishing our protagonist: Her therapist deems her "insatiable", she self-describes as a "sex-positive polyamorous pansexual" who has little interest in monogamy. Barry Michael Cooper and Lynn Nottage are also producers. The film signaled a change of how African Americans are portrayed in movies.

She's Gotta Have It debuts on Netflix Thursday, Nov 23.