Boy Scouts To Accept Girls, But Not Everyone Is Happy

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The Girl Scouts are not thrilled about this decision either.

"There's so many single parents now, if the organization decides to have a co-ed program with it, you can take them both and they can do their activity together", says Cindy Thomas, Scout parent.

"It's kinda disappointing because one of things I really like about Girls Scouts is that it's all girls and we get to see from women leaders who have really impacted the world", says Senn.

This past summer, 23 new badges have been introduced to the Girl Scouts including in areas like cyber security, robotics, engineering, and outdoor skills.

Les Callette said, "In both cases, we're not reaching the number of youth and families that we should be, and this is a way we felt we could engage more families in our program, and that's what we wanted to be about".

"When I look at the Boy Scout laws - being loyal, helpful and fearless - those are things that we want for girls, too". Jones feels the decision will allow girls to move through rankings they've never had and gain new experiences.

Starting next year, young girls can join Cub Scout units, known as dens, even earn the coveted Eagle Scout honor award.

The Boy Scouts of America embraced a historic change with its Wednesday announcement that the organization will allow girls to enroll into the Cub Scouts program next year. "This is not the first time Boy Scouts has pursued the girl market in an attempt to bolster its membership".

In August, a top Girl Scout official accused the Boy Scouts of running a "covert campaign" to recruit girls to increase its declining membership, the Washington Post reported. Cub Scout packs can include any combination of all boy or all girl dens.

Rather than altering its message, Margosian said, the Girl Scouts will "double down" with a commitment to empowering girls.

Marjanna Hulet is a Scout leader for a Pocatello-based Venturing program of the Boy Scouts, which is a co-ed program.

The new challenge from the Boy Scouts is only the latest in a string of difficulties faced by the Girl Scouts over the past 15 years. This method is especially effective in at-risk communities; studies have shown that girls who experience our fully immersed single-gender Girl Scout programming demonstrate higher levels of self-confidence and academic success than girls who have not had benefit of our gender-specific and girl-led program opportunities. Girl Scouts provides a safe and inclusive environment that has been proven over the years, she said.

Mixed feelings also were expressed by the president of the National Organization for Women, Toni Van Pelt. We remain committed to that ideal as well as the core values and vision of the Girl Scout Movement as established by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. "We might see a couple hundred but not thousands".

Those groups said the Boy Scouts' new initiative would not weaken their commitment to single-sex programming. "Because you're not addressing the developmental needs of the boys by themselves as a group".