Z Might Buy Harvey Weinstein's Shares in the Weinstein Company

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According to TMZ, Harvey and his daughter were engaged in an argument that spilled out into the streets by Remy's residence. He proceeded to flag down a random vehicle and begged for a ride.

"Officers responded, conducted an investigation and determined there were no suicidal remarks said and it was only a family dispute", LAPD Spokesperson Ramirez told Radar. "When the call originally came in it was reported there was a male "feeling suicidal and depressed".

The ongoing story of Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual assaults continues. "She was crying, so he left his therapy and went to her house on Wednesday morning to comfort her". Police then arrived at the home shortly thereafter, but Weinstein had left. "This situation is of course very hard for Harvey, but he is not suicidal - his heart is breaking for his kids".

On Tuesday, the New Yorker published a story that included, among other allegations, claims that Weinstein had raped three women in the last 20 years.

With Weinstein gone, TWC is now unsure of how to move forward as a business. Among them was actress Asia Argento, who appeared in "B". Judd told the Times as she recalled the incident.

The hits just keep on coming for The Weinstein Company.

Following the publication of both reports, several Hollywood elites, including Meryl Streep, have publicly denounced Weinstein.

Jay-Z could be purchasing Harvey Weinstein's interest in the Weinstein Company after the disgraced studio exec was sacked from his own organization.