What's the top Halloween candy in Indiana?

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In Georgia, that means stocking up on fish-Swedish Fish, the most popular Halloween candy in the state for at least the second consecutive year. According to CandyStore.com's map, the runner up is Hershey's Mini Bars (my personal fave).

In North Carolina, 96,110 pounds of M&Ms, 95,763 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and 62,308 pounds of candy corn were sold, according to the data.

Though Candy Corn was North Carolina's third favorite type of candy, it was the top treat in SC. "That's how many bars Arizonans ate over the course of our study", the online candy retailer wrote.

In second and third place were Hershey Kisses and Hot Tamales.

Candy Store used a decade's worth of sales data - and help from the candy stores it sells to - to figure out the favorite candy in each state.