Razer Teases November 1 Smartphone Announcement

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Shortly after acquiring Nextbit, the company behind the Robin cloud-based smartphone, Razer suggested it plans to release its own smartphone aimed at " hardcore gamers". The brand proving itself in this market now aims to reach mobile players.

The tweet says “WATCH for our biggest unveiling…” with the first word appearing in all caps. After all, the company has made both laptops and PC accessories geared towards gaming - why wouldn't a phone also reflect that gaming expertise? Razer bought out Ouya 2015 and acquired Nextbit, the gaming hardware company, early this year. As it suggests, Razer will introduce its new smartphone with an event organized on November 1st.

Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer had only said it will mainly focus on gaming as well as on entertainment. This is not a surprise that this model will be designed for mobile games. Up until now, we didn't know when exactly the gaming device would get launched.

Razer is one of the biggest names when it comes to the PC gaming, but it looks like the smartphone market may have to make some room for it, too. Do you think Razer can capture quality of desktop player equipment on smartphone?