Qualcomm Fined $773 Million for Antitrust Violations in Taiwan

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Once the final decision is issued in the coming weeks, Qualcomm said it will challenge the decision in court. We want to implement fair competition in the mobile telecommunication industry by changing it to an open ecosystem in which any participant can enjoy incentives from its innovations.

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) announced Wednesday that it plans to impose a fine of NT$23.4 billion (US$773.9 million) on USA -based Qualcomm Inc. for violating the Taiwan Fair Trade Act.

The Taiwanese regulator said Qualcomm has monopoly market status over key mobile phone standards and by not providing products to clients who don't agree with its conditions, the USA company is violating local laws.

The company has been violating antitrust rules for at least 7 years and Qualcomm collected NT$400 billion in licensing fees from local companies during that time, the Taiwanese regulator said on its website Wednesday.

According to multiple reports, the Taiwanese FTC accused Qualcomm of abusing a monopoly it holds over mobile phone standards for wireless data connectivity and refused to license necessary patents to clients who don't agree to the company's conditions. Its also warring with Apple and has seen the iPhone maker cut off license payments over a contract dispute. Qualcomm is being fined for the way it prices mobile phone chips and patents in the small, but important East-Asian state that is home to technology companies like Acer, Asus, HTC, and Foxconn. It plans to call for a stay on "any required behavioral measures" and will appeal the FTC's action in Taiwanese courts.

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