Orders 166 phones and claims refund

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The police officials have recovered Rs 12 lakh in cash, 25 mobile phones and 40 bank passbooks during the investigations, Indianexpress.com reports. He then asked Amazon for a refund, and received the money back nearly immediately. He chose to order two phones as a test.

Chopra, who is a hotel management graduate from Delhi's Rohini college, failed to get a permanent job and that's when this idea struck his mind. Milind Dumbere, DCP (north-west) said that Chopra exploited the company's customer satisfaction policy.

Shivam Chopra brought 166 cell phones online from Amazon at different places in Delhi and later the boy claimed that the box he received did not have the mobile phone instead the boxes were empty and by using this technique Shivam got refunds in lakhs.

All the orders were purchased through gift cards and after receiving the product, the accused used to cancel the orders claiming that he had had received empty boxes to claim refunds. "That's how he earned refunds through gift voucher", said the police.

The accused used to place multiple orders from different customer accounts using different phone numbers and for all these orders, they would give false addresses in the same locality where he actually resided.

After an inquiry, the police filed a case in August. After placing the order from some random area he would guide the delivery man to a place where he would accept the package and pay with cash.

On the basis of the mobile numbers used to make calls, questioning of locals and with the help of Amazon delivery persons Shivam, a resident of Tri Nagar in Ganesh Pura was identified.

Shivam managed to carry out the pre-meditated theft by procuring nearly 150 SIM cards under fake identities from a local telecom store owner and created more than 50 email IDs using those numbers. When Amazon realised it was being deceived, it approached Delhi Police.

An ordinary guy who duped an e-commerce website and claimed refunds running into lakhs of rupees - the case is not a first of its kind.

Now, he used to order another smartphone with the gift voucher, and sell off the handset received earlier to black markets such as Gaffar area in North-West Delhi, or at Olx/Quikr portals.