Get lost mom and dad! Amazon lets teens shop on their own

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The new service, available via, is meant to give teenagers ages 13 through 17 a bit more autonomy, says Amazon.

Parents can set pre-approved spending limits for the kids on their account if they want to as well.

There are multiple ways parents can set limits on how their teens shop on Amazon. Then again, if you'd rather spend that money on cheap fast food you can always cancel your monthly subscription and mooch off your parents' Prime account over summer break.

Teens will also be able to access Prime-specific features like Prime Video and Twitch if their parents are members.

With the holidays quickly approaching, Amazon is doing everything it can to get its Prime service in as many households as possible.

The requests are sent via text or email, and include a message from the teen - for example: "please please buy this for me Mom!" - and parents can approve or reject it instantly. Once a teen receives an invitation, they can create their own username and password.

"Our new monthly payment option lets students enjoy the best of Amazon in a more flexible and simple way", Ellen Kinney, Director of Prime Student for Amazon, said in a statement., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is now allowing teens to make their own accounts on its website. Now Amazon is giving that first solo-buying experience a digital makeover.

Their credit card information will be hidden on the teen accounts, as will their purchase and browsing histories.

Capturing teen customers might be more hard than previously imagined. Parents are shown the item, how much it costs, and similar details, as well as any note about it the teen may have made.