Feds Nab Midtown Man Who Threatened 'Las Vegas Repeat,' US Attorney Says

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The F.B.I. agents arrested him after the man sent images of two MAC-11 submachine guns to the Denver business' officials and threatened to convert it into the Las Vegas part 2. Casillas is to appear in magistrate court of the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York Wednesday afternoon, Marzulli said.

When the company wouldn't pay Casillas, federal prosecutors say he began sending them threatening emails, with the first one coming on September 26th, 2017. According to the criminal complaint that has been filed on Friday, threatening warnings were part of an extortionate scheme.

Victor Casillas, 34, was arrested on Tuesday after he tried to extort the unnamed company, which a source identified as the promotional sales app, Ibotta, after they closed multiple accounts he opened to fraudulently "generate referral bonuses", according to the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's office. In addition, the criminal complaint has been filed in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of NY. "WELL GET READY 4 LAS VEGaspart2.MAYBE TODAY YOU WILL MEET YOU MAKER".

On September 28th, Casillas allegedly sent another email to the company telling them he was in Colorado and "I AM READY EQUPPIED AND READY TO STRIKE (RETALIATE TO RECOVER STOLEN FUNDS OF 113 BY CRIMINALS OF [Victim Company] INC) IN ANY GTVING MOMENT". "MAYBE TODAY YOU WILL MEET YOUR MAKER", he wrote in one sickening email from October 4, just three days after Stephen Paddock opened fire on a county music festival in the deadliest mass shooting in USA history.

Casillas allegedly sent the email days after Stephen Paddock opened fire on attendees at a country music concert in Las Vegas, turning the event into the largest mass-shooting in modern US history.

The attorney's office said in a statement that Casillas emailed company employees with threats to kill one or more of them if the company did not pay him the amount he demanded.

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