Brooklyn home invasion leaves man, 91, dead and wife injured, NYPD says

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Waldiman was tied up by his arms and legs and his wife Ethlin was also bound and had a blanket put over her head.

Four men broke into the Decatur Street home in Bedford-Stuyvesant at about 3:30 p.m., police said. Inside the home, they found Waldiman still tied and unconscious.

Waldiman Thompson and his 100-year-old wife, Ethline Thompson, were sitting in their home when a group of unknown intruders broke in and ransacked the place, according to police.

The 99-year-old Ethlin Brumley Thompson was able to escape while the burglars tossed her home, and got away to call 911.

"She came running out", Peterson said. According to witnesses, Ethlin stated, "They tied me and my husband up and robbed us. They tied him up and tied me up too, '" he said.

The centenarian somehow managed to free herself and call cops, but her husband was unable to do so.

The sources said the man may have been beaten by the home invaders, but the nature of his injuries weren't clear.

The two victims were taken to Interfaith Medical Center, where the husband was pronounced dead.

Investigators believe the couple may have been targeted because they were the building's landlords and the theft could have been easy for someone who knows their routine.

Karlene Gross, the couple's niece, told NBC4 that she learned of her uncle's death while watching the local news. "It breaks me heart to see my uncle died, he was like a father to me, he grew me up in Jamaica".

"To see my uncle go like this, someone has to be punished", Grose said.