Breaking Bad House Puts Up Six-Foot Iron Fence To Keep Fans Out

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And even more annoying than the sometimes hundreds of weekly visitors, the real-life owners of Breaking Bad house said, is how many times a tourists has thought it would be amusing to toss a pizza on the roof and echo the infamous Walter White scene. If you're gonna toss a pizza on a roof, maybe do it on your own.

It was reported several years ago that fans have taken to throwing pizzas on the roof of the aforementioned house to recreate a scene in which a frustrated White - who is estranged from his family at that point in the series - hurls a pie onto the roof after his wife asks him to leave.

Neighbours have been bothered by it, too: "All day, non-stop, there's people up and down this road".

She said: "We feel like we can't leave because when we do something happens. They park in front of our driveway and block us in", a neighbor said.

Things seem to have gone from Breaking Bad to Baking Bad.

The owners of the home have also put up cameras, signs and cones to keep away zealous fans.

The family has become so frustrated with the constant stream of mischievous fans that they've made a decision to erect a "6-foot wrought iron fence" around their home in order to deter would-be pizza-tossers, according to NBC.

Mashable reports that fans reenacting the infamous pizza scene became so much of an issue that the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, called on fans to stop during a podcast. In an interview with the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast in 2015, he said there's "nothing original or amusing or cool" about doing it. "You're not the first".