The Swift Life Is Taylor Swift's Own Social Network

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As a social network, instead of a freemium game, The Swift Life actually stands a chance at working out for Glu, considering Taylor Swift's ravenous fans. The Swift Life will provide a "community-based" experience for the multi-Grammy Award winner's fans to connect with each other and Swift herself. It will also let you listen to music and chat with other fans.

And in case you somehow forgot, since she's only released two, deeply mediocre songs (both of which have forced me to replay the first half of Speak Now to remember where she came from), Taylor Swift's Reputation is out in a little less than a month, on November 10. What the app costs, if anything, was not revealed in the initial announcement.

In a statement, Glu CEO Nick Earl said: "We've worked closely with Taylor and her team to bring her creative vision to life. We look forward to its worldwide launch later this year". It looks like Swift is getting her own version of emoji stickers, with the video mentioning "Taymojis" on the app. Though Kardashian is likely still high up on Swift's enemies list, the singer can't help but recognize brand-building genius at work. Direct engagement with Swift might even be possible.

After a year during which Taylor Swift was nowhere to be found, Taylor Swift is suddenly everywhere: on demand on DirecTV, on the sides of UPS trucks, and now, in the App Store.

"I think you guys are really going to like this".

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