Oculus announces Oculus Go standalone VR headset, shipping 2018

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The standalone mobile headset gives Oculus the promise of a renewed low-end mobile strategy that can allow the company to expand beyond their Samsung partnership for Gear VR.

At $200, the Oculus Go is the cheapest way to get into VR if you're starting from zero, but for anyone with a remotely modern smartphone, options like Gear VR or Google Daydream will wind up costing less. We need to build a safe environment, and make sure VR is a force for good in the world. There are expensive, best-in-class, desktop-based solutions like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that are stunning, but require lots of wires and an expensive computer.

The Go headset was rumored prior to Oculus Connect, considering Facebook had already announced a Santa Cruz self-contained headset prototype previous year. So, Santa Cruz is a separate, distinct product from Oculus Go.

There are also built-in speakers, which will support spatial audio natively.

In an official announcement, Oculus called its Oculus Go headset the "easiest way to experience VR".

Oculus Go dev kits will begin shipping in November 2017, the company says.