Man gets ticket for wearing shark suit in Austria

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Given that the name of the store was McShark, the man was obviously dressed in a shark costume, trying to attract customers walking on the street.

A man wearing a shark costume in Austria was fined under the country's new "burqa ban".

The worker had donned a furry suit with a shark's head for a hat to advertise the opening of a branch of computer store McShark in Vienna.

Nekkaz promised in September, before Austria's Integration Law took effect October 1, to pray the fines of any woman charged for wearing an Islamic face veil in Austria.

"I wasn't aware that the law reaches that far that it also affects mascots", Eugen Prosquill from the advertising agency that hired the man told Austria's Heute.

Off-piste ski masks, surgical masks outside of hospitals and party masks are included.

A photo of the man was uploaded to Warda Network's Facebook page.

But the shark costume case and officers reportedly stopping a girl cycling in a scarf show that some police remain bewildered.

"Acceptance and respect of Austrian values are basic conditions for successful cohabitation between the majority [of the] Austrian population and people from third [world] countries living in Austria", said a statement from the government of Austria's Chancellor Christian Kern, issued when the ban came into effect.

Violations carry a possible fine of 150 euros (nearly $180).

Kurz, who helped develop the new law including its ban on face veils in public places, said it was necessary for the security of Austria and to prevent a cultural insurgency.

The law he was breaking is known as the "burqa ban", as many believe it mainly targets Muslim women.