Love Island star opens up about mental health

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When Love Island's Chris Hughes revealed that he was launching his first ever product in partnership with Topman, we were very curious.

In the celebrity feud we never saw coming, Love Island star Chris Hughes has recently found himself at the centre of a bitter row with former glamour model Katie Price.

Chris and Katie came to blows after the Love Island reality star chose to "expose" the glamour model on social media.

CALM chairman James Scroggs said: "Both on and off screen, Chris has been widely praised for opening up about his emotions".

The reality TV star spoke to Sky News about his campaign with charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to raise awareness about male suicide rates in the UK. We live in a culture that encourages men to bottle up rather than open up.

The spectacle went down at the Specsavers event after a journalist reportedly informed Rylan: "Olivia Atwood has said that you're basically Katie's lap dog and that you will say what she wants you to say".

He explained, "Yesterday everyone was shocked that I had literally bottled my emotions in a water bottle infused with my tears".

"What's really ludicrous is that suicide is still the single biggest killer of young men in the UK".

The #DontBottleItUp campaign has been backed by high street retailer Topman and is hoping to show it's ok for men to open up rather than bottle it up.

The campaign advert, in collaboration with Topman, was meant to reflect YouGov statistics which revealed 84% of men in the United Kingdom said they bottled up their emotions. At the end, a dressed, sombre Hughes announces that the biggest killer for men under 45 is suicide and it's "Ludicrous" that men bottle up their emotions. 'Our message to all guys is: "however, you open up, just #DontBottleItUp".

"It is a phrase - "suffer silently" - and I did suffer silently and that was the issue with me".

The limited edition L'Eau de Chris water bottles will be sold on The Calm Zone, with all proceeds going to CALM, while TOPMAN will donate £2 of every pack of TOPMAN boxers from October 10-31 to the #Don'tBottleItUp campaign.

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