Houston Police Chief calls for more gun control

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Nevada tried to rectify this earlier this year, but failed because they asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do the job and the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn't have the money to do it.

Men are more likely to own a gun - three times more, according to a 2017 survey from the Pew Research Center. Now that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is well enough to return to work, he also eagerly took to the cameras to let America's gun obsessives, including the "someday you may need to murder members of the United States Government"-arguing NRA, that there was no hard feelings and he wouldn't be doing the slightest thing to protect the next targeted House member".

We would explain again where so numerous guns used in "toughest gun laws in the country" Chicago come from, but at this point there is no need to. This is the most devastating mass shooting to date, just 2 years after the Orlando nightclub carnage that killed 49.

When seen in this light, it becomes obvious why focusing on mental health is a dodge.

"Tragedies like what happened in Las Vegas are becoming so common that, as a society, we've been forced to develop ways to cope with them", Nichols said.

For all his promises to make the country great again by bringing all Americans together, Trump's silence toward injustices and inequalities remains more eloquent than his self-serving boasts about responses to crisis, whether in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico or gun-terrorized Las Vegas.

That's the obvious correlation staring us in the face, as we insist on talking about every other possible issue.

And this is not simply a case of America being different than the rest of the developed world.

Over the next decade, approximately 300,000 Americans are going to die because of gun violence.

States that have some of the highest percentages of gun ownership have some of the highest gun-related death rates (Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Arkansas), and those with some of the lowest rates of gun ownership generally have the lowest gun-related death rates (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island).

Then there are what nearly look like social science experiments. About three-quarters of gun owners consider owning a firearm to be essential to their personal sense of freedom, compared to only 35% of non-owners. Meaning there is about one gun per person in the entire country.

On the other hand, Missouri in 2007 made it much easier to buy a gun.

More security and control of who is able to handle firearms could be a solution to the homicide issue in the U.S. How many more innocent lives will be taken from us?

The powerful US gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, said on Sunday it would oppose an outright ban on bump-stock devices that the killer in the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people used to turn rifles into automatic weapons and strafe a crowd with bursts of sustained gunfire.

But there are many small fixes that would make a big difference: universal background checks, restrictions on military-style weaponry (of which banning bump stocks would be a tiny first step) and a ban on selling to people with a history of domestic violence or substance abuse.

But first, we have to stop the dodges and the diversions.

Do we believe those who possess said illegal firearms would give up such an asset in the midst of opportunity for sudden power?