Bigg Boss 11 10th October preview: Contestant to perform Raja-Rani task

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We will see Hina and Vikas who shared a strong bond from day 1 are now loggerheads with each other.

# Hiten calms down Sapna Choudhary after the task. Bigg Boss asks him to react less on the comments. Sabyasachi announces the task about a king and his two queens- a good queen and bad queen.

She decides to do it when Hiten asks her to not do it. Sapna gives Arshi a leg massage any way and Arshi leaves after some time. The contestants are arguing and battling hard with each other.

# The luxury task begins and the housemates begin collecting the bricks.

Vikas wanted to vent out, so he went to Hina Khan to talk about it.

# Both Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde go into the confession room decked up as queens.

The contestants were given a task Raja Rani ki Kahaani. Shilpa and Arshi are uniting well to change the game from here. Mehjabi cries over her family issues and others console her. Akash Dadlani strikes a conversation with Lucinda.

A teary-eyed Vikas then took a big step by leaving the Bigg Boss house through a door.

# Bigg Boss calls Vikas into the confession room and questions him about his unreasonable behavior!

# Vikas Gupta breaks down and locks himself in the bathroom!

Again, in the kitchen area, Shilpa and Vikas get into argument. There's not even a single day where the two are not seen fighting or indulging in inappropriate behaviour.

How will Vikas fight the rest of his journey in the house? Is this the beginning or the end? Vikas had an ugly fight with Hina Khan, who had been supporting him all this while. In the task, Jyoti Kumari got the highest number of votes and got saved from this week's nominations as she received five votes. Hina in her defence tells Vikas that it is because of him that Priyank Sharma is out of the house. Hina Khan tries to clear the mess created by Vikas but Puneesh and Hiten insist that Vikas will have to do so as he is at fault and has misbehaved. He says that he does not wish to share this information with anyone. In the morning, the contestants wake up to the tunes of Nazre Mili.