Amazon's new Kindle Oasis gives you the ultimate e-reading experience

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Cleverly too, if you own the same title on both Kindle and Audible, the device will sync the two up - meaning that you can read some parts and listen to others. The pixel density is 300ppi - the same as last year's - but that's okay with me.

Amazon may well be focusing on the smart home and Alexa integration with its hardware, but by releasing a new Kindle today it is also, for now at least, committed to upgrading a device that is coming up to being 10 years old.

Eric Saarnio, head of Amazon devices in the European Union said: "It has a 7in screen, an inch larger than any of our recent devices, and is also the highest resolution with 300ppi screen density, meaning we can fit around 30 per cent more words on the screen per page, which means customers have to turn fewer pages".

Amazon has announced its All-New Kindle Oasis e-reader, an update to their 2016 Kindle Oasis that adds - at very long last - waterproofing.

Amazon also included a few helpful accessibility features in the new Oasis. It's a device made explicitly for one-handed use, and we dug how it was put together past year.

The new version has a string of changes created to improve on last year's model including a more detailed screen, a night mode that switches text to white on a black background, and an aluminium design instead of plastic.

The one big disappointment for me is that there's no 3.5mm headphone jack on the Kindle Oasis (2017) - you're limited to Bluetooth only - and although that seems to be the way things are going right now, it's still a pity, as there's clearly plenty of space in the chassis to squeeze one in.

The device has a new aluminium back and, unlike the previous Oasis, doesn't charge itself from its own cover-case. The new Kindle Oasis sports the same asymmetric shape, with a thicker-edged grip down one side, housing a battery compartment that keeps the reader alive for weeks at a time. The old Oasis was 131g without the battery cover and 238g with it on.

The screen on the forthcoming Oasis is the largest and brightest of any Kindle to date. It didn't specify a standard, noting only that the device will charge from empty to full within two hours. The criticism was even more pertinent as Kindle pricing approached the $300 mark (as with the original Oasis). There's also an ambient light sensor to control the Oasis's front-lighting automatically.

If you buy the Kindle Oasis (2017), be warned you'll be tied into Amazon's store. There's still no support for open-source EPUB files, and the company's Alexa assistant is still nowhere to be found, but Amazon's e-book platform remains massive either way. Amazon says the Kindle (2016) and past Oasis will get this update as well; the popular Kindle Paperwhite will not, since it doesn't support Bluetooth. If you have the money, this is the e-reader to end all e-readers; in its category, it's stupendously desirable. For £229 you can pick up the 8GB model, and for £259 that'll jump to 32GB. The previous Kindle Oasis started at $289 for 4GB of storage.

Say one thing about Amazon, it knows how to build an e-reader.

When the Oasis first launched it clocked in at an eye-watering £269, making it the most expensive e-reader Amazon sold. We'll test the new Kindle Oasis to see if it can better justify its asking price later this month.