Officials respond to 'isolated incident' SC maximum-security prison

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South Carolina Department of Corrections said all staff from the McCormick County Correctional Institution are safe and accounted for.

McCormick is classified a Level 3 facility, housing violent offenders with longer sentences and inmates with behavioral problems, according to the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

The sheriff's office said there was also a fire at the SC prison, located 78 miles west of Columbia, SC.

Rumor Correction: Incident is isolated to one housing unit and all inmates are contained.

According to Jason Brown with McCormick Emergency Services, a couple of prisoners from one housing unit were on the roof trying to escape.

All inmates are contained following an incident at a SC maximum-security prison Wednesday evening, the Department of Corrections said.

There is also a fire in the facility, WIS reported.

The prison is approximately 75 miles west of Columbia, the state capital, and houses about 900 men.

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