Catalonia Suggests International Mediation in Conflict with Spain

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The king said the crown was strongly committed to the Spanish constitution and to democracy, and underlined his commitment to the unity and permanence of Spain. Catalans, however, say they have earned the right to be considered a national entity and refuse any talks that don't explore a way for independence.

"We call on all pertinent actors to advance rapidly from confrontation to dialogue".

European leaders have sided with Spain and, amid fears that Catalonia's secession bid could find echoes elsewhere on the continent, the EU has so far refused to step in.

Catalonia's sport minister, Gerard Figueras, has suggested that Barca could play in the Premier League if the region secedes from Spain, citing Swansea City as an example of a club from a different country playing in England's top-flight. Spain could intervene to take over the regional government or it could even declare a state of emergency and impose martial law.

The Spanish King, Felipe VI, said late Tuesday that the organizers of the vote deliberately bent the law, and that the Spanish state needed to ensure constitutional order.

The result will be submitted to the regional parliament which will have two days "to proclaim the independence of Catalonia", he said in a television interview.

Catalan authorities say some 2.3 million people - less than half the region's electorate - voted in the referendum Sunday.

The televised speech, a rare intervention by the 49-year-old monarch who is normally silent on politics, was a sign of how deeply Spain has been shaken by the Catalan vote and a police crackdown that injured 900 people.

After considering timid and moderate the response of the European Union to the eve's events, Puigdemont recommended the bloc supports his initiative of global mediation between the Generalitat and the administration of the also conservative Rajoy.

Barcelona will consider leaving La Liga if Catalonia gains independence from Spain.

Spain's National Court on Wednesday said it will quiz two senior officers of Catalonia's regional police force and the leaders of two pro-Catalan independence civic groups who have been placed under investigation for sedition.

After a meeting with his cabinet to ponder the triumph of Yes to independence of Catalonia, in a consultation forbidden by Spanish justice, Puigdemont demanded the withdrawal of security forces sent by the central executive to that autonomous community.